SMM Go Getters Pack



Video Editing

Usually $347 USD (Monthly):

The process of editing your videos can at times be overbearing and be the thing that stops you from actually recording the video in the first place. And so with this monthly video editing package we take that stress away so that you can focus on the part that is easy and you enjoy, the recording and creating of the video’s themselves.

Whether it’s brand new marketing videos or if it’s repurposed facebook lives we can create a fresh new video that you’ll be proud to share on your social media.

Our Go Getter monthly video package includes 10 videos a month! Includes: Royalty Free Stock, Audio and Video, Lower Third Titles and Transitions, Video Proofing.

Social Media Management

Usually $448 USD (Monthly):

Showing up consistently on your social media platforms can be challenging when you’re focus is spread across all areas of your business.

This social media management service is ideal for a small business owner who is ready to ease the stress of content management.

This service including the scheduling and posting of content across Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn with 4 fresh posts per week.

Social Media Outreach/Engagement

Usually $540 USD (Monthly):

Engaging on your social media platforms is time-consuming yet critical to an effective social media growth strategy.

This Social Medial Outreach / Engagement package includes post engagement, offer invites and basic chat sequencing to turn your audience into leads for your business.

All while you focus on your core business offering, our team will be working on your behalf.

The Go Getter Outreach package includes 10 hours per week of activity on your social media.