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Getting Started:

  • The key form that needs to be completed for the RPMarketing Team to start editing your podcast is in Phase 1.
  • Make sure to complete this as soon as possible and also upload your raw files.

Review Phase:

  • Once your podcast is ready for you to approve/review you'll be notified to return here to the Client Portal.
  • Use Phase 2 for this.

Your Podcast:

  • Once you have completed the Phase 1 form, you'll be notified when one of the RPMarketing Team members start working on your Podcast Edit.
  • Once your podcast is ready for you to approve/review you will be notified to return back here to the Client Portal to review and approve your ad copy.
  • If approved, great! You can either download your episode ready for posting.
  • If revisions requested, you'll be notified once a team member starts working on your Podcast again. Then you'll be again notified when it's ready for your approval/review.