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First time here logging in:

  • Start with the Pre Start Audit Form.
  • Once this has been approved by yourself, then you are ready to start uploading content.
  • You only have to do the Pre Start Audit once, unless you're social media accounts change.

Note: If you upload content before your Pre Start Audit is complete, the content won't be posted until the Pre Start Audit has been approved.


Returning Client:

  • Go straight to Phase 1 and upload your content.

Pre Start Audit:

  • You complete the form,
  • Our team gets notified,
  • One of our team will conduct the audit, you will be notified as it progresses.
  • When it's ready for your review/approval you'll be notified to log back into here to approve via Phase 0 - Step 2.
  • Once approved you're ready to upload content.

Content Upload:

  • You'll upload your pre-written content for scheduling/posting.
  • You'll be notified when a team member has scheduled/posted your content.