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Getting Started:

  • If it is your first time here, you'll use Phase 0 to upload your brand content, this only needs to be done once (or when your brand changes).
  • Next use Phase 1 to upload your raw video content and complete the video edit form, this form tells the RPMarketing Team what your vision is for the final edit.
  • Make sure to complete this as soon as possible.

Review Phase:

  • Next, you will be notified when it's time to review and approve the ad copy.
  • Once approved you'll be able to download your video and start posting it.

Your Branding Video Edit:

  • Once you have completed Phase 0 and uploaded your brand content you can then upload your first video.
  • If you're a returning client, then you can go straight to Phase 1 (given you have previously uploaded your brand content and have checked that it is still there in Phase 0)
  • Once you have uploaded your raw video files and completed the video edit form you'll be notified when one of the RPMarketing Team members starts working on your video edit.

Review Phase:

  • Once your video edit is ready for you to review, you'll be notified to return to the Client Portal here and use Phase 2 to approve/review your video.
  • If approved, great you can download your video and then start posting it.
  • If you request revisions, you will be notified when one of the team members starts working on your video again. Then when it's ready for you to review again, you'll be notified.


  • When you complete the video edit form in Phase 1, you'll have the ability to choose from all of the additional options.
  • Each video has a main version that is 1920 x 1080 (standard ratio) this can have no captions or you can request to have embedded captions.

Optional - Instagram grid ratio:

  • This is a square version of the original video (either a 1 min, 3-5 min or full version) of the main video.
  • This included bars top and bottom for your video title or logo (top) and captions (bottom)

Optional - Instagram story ratio:

  • This is a 1 min high light clip from the main video.
  • This includes bars above and below the video for tile above and captions below.